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Mangla Gauri Vrat and puja begins in North India. Mangla Gauri Vrat (Shravan Mangalvar Puja) is the most auspicious vrat dedicated to Goddess Gauri (Goddess Parvati), observed on Tuesdays in Shravan month. Today (19 July) is the first Tuesday in Shravan month in North Indian Hindi calendars hence it is observed as Mangla Gauri vrat.

The other three Mangla Gauri vrat Dates in 2012 as per North Indian calendars are: 26 July, 2 August, and 9 August. 19 July 2011, Mangla Gauri Vrat and Puja begins in North India

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Mangala Gauri Puja or Mangal Gouri Vratham is the special vratham observed by recently married women for first five year in almost all places of India. This article gives you the link to download Mangala Gauri Puja procedure or Mangala Gouri Vratha Vidhanam in English and Kannada for free. Mangala Gauri vrata is performed in Mangalavara or Tuesdays in Shravan month.

The PDF version of this Vratha vidhana krama briefly explains about ‘where to do Mangala gauri vrata’, ‘when to do this vrata’, ‘who has to do this gauri puja’, ‘who is the Goddess of the vratha’, and preparation methods for the puja, Sankalpa of Mangal Gauri puja, and all other Shodashopachar puja steps. Mangla Gauri Katha / Story

Download Mangalagauri Puja procedure or Mangala Gouri vratha vidhanam in English.
Download Mangalagouri Puja procedure in Kannada.
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